The New Crypto Craze: NFTs Making Some Creators Millions
“NFTs appeal to people who have built up their own audiences—maybe on social media—to go and sell artwork directly to their audience.” Many celebrities and influencers are already boosting their income through listing NFT’s, which is the new method for digitally buying and selling art as well as other media online. What is an NFT? […]
Influencer Marketing for Local Businesses
Influencer marketing for smaller businesses is something that has been taking off recently, especially under recent restrictions where businesses have had to adapt quickly to show their offering online. In this blog we’ll discuss how influencer marketing for your small business doesn’t need to be overwhelming, and how local influencers can positively affect independents. When […]
How Much Should Your Business Spend on Google Ads?
As footfall drops due to the pandemic, many businesses in Yorkshire can benefit from Google Ads in 2021 and beyond, to drive sales and new custom. In this week’s blog post, we identify the costs and work involved in setting up a Google ad.The basic premise of Google ads is unlike other channels that may […]