3 Reasons Your Business Should Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories should be a vital part of any business’ social media strategy as they provide a unique way of promoting your brand. Did you know that only 10% of your feed posts get seen by your followers? This makes it harder for your content to get enough exposure if you are not utilising Instagram stories and only posting on your feed. Instagram stories have over 300 million active users every day, meaning more than half of Instagram’s users are interacting with stories therefore if you want your business to be successful on social media, you should begin planning content to post on your business’ Instagram stories now!

Top 3 benefits of using Instagram stories for your business:

Boost Engagement:

A post has limited options for interaction e.g. like, comment, share whereas stories allow you to engage with your audience in many different and more interesting ways such as swipe ups, polls, ‘ask a question’, countdowns etc.

Another advantage is that it helps you to understand your audience better as well as building more trust between you and your followers as they get to know you and your brand more which could lead to you gaining more loyal customers.


You can pin your stories to the top of your Instagram feed which is called the ‘highlights’. This allows your audience to access any information you want them to see as soon as they land on your page easier and quicker.

Highlights are also visually appealing for your feed and they can showcase what you offer in an organised, attractive way.

Brand Transparency:

Stories allow you to be more personal with your following, showing them the real you and helping put a face to the brand as well as building trust whilst keeping your feed professional and on brand.

For example, you can tell a relevant story through Instagram stories or you can post BTS (behind the scenes) videos to give your followers more insight on the people behind the brand. This will increase trust and allow your followers to feel included in your brand which may lead to better brand awareness, more engagement, and more conversions.

Instagram is one of the best ways your business can be seen and followed online, and Instagram stories take it to a whole new level.

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