Black Friday – Has The Pandemic Changed Shopping Habits in 2020?

With the majority of non-essential retail shops closed over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, did you venture online to grab discounts?

Due to covid and the rise of the digital age, we are now entering a new era for retailers. Since the pandemic hit the UK in early 2020, we have seen a staggering 74% growth in online sales and an equally impressive 45% growth in courier activity.It is reported that Amazon, the online sales giant, accounted for 65% of Black Friday web spending in the UK. Whilst Amazon may be the biggest, it certainly isn’t the only player in the game. In the past year, it has become necessary for businesses both small and large to keep up with the demand for ecommerce and digital marketing to keep afloat when footfall has not been possible.In 2019, Black Friday sales accounted for a £5.6 billion spend within the UK, however, this year sales have skyrocketed to £6 billion, making November a record breaking month for UK online retail. Although Black Friday has been positive for retailers, some businesses have been struggling to keep up with their online orders. Due to covid, safety restrictions and social distancing within manufacturers factories has reduced the capacity to deal with the vast amount of online sales.Research shows 52% of all online brand discovery happens on public social media feeds, from both paid and organic posts. An incredible 928.5 million people can be reached by social ads and 31% of people aged 16-24 say they find new products and brands through these paid social ads. Without a doubt, social media is skyrocketing for businesses, especially during the covid pandemic, and is showing no signs of slowing.
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