We are Social Instinct, a social media marketing agency based in Leeds, UK. We specialise in social media management and influencer partnerships for businesses of all sizes, budgets and offerings. The team is made up of four dedicated social executives who cover content creation, strategy, graphics, photography, analytics and more.  

As well as business marketing, Social Instinct works with influencers to design, manufacture and distribute their own product lines with a focus on apparel and accessories. 

Social Instinct began in June 2020 amid the Covid-19 lockdown by managing director Qasim Ahmed, and now has a specialist team that works from Mabgate Mills (when we aren’t in lockdown!). We caught up with Qasim to find out why he launched Social Instinct: 

“After successfully launching my accessories business Mr Lapel, I began to get approached by others who were interested in the design, manufacturing and marketing processes that got the brand into Men’s Health and GQ magazines. Social Instinct came about as a combination of my marketing and manufacturing experience when I realised we could use that knowledge to create and launch products for influencers and public figures. This model allows influencers to maintain their sponsorships and paid advertising, whilst also creating a brand that they own and have full control over. Additionally, my team runs a number of business social media accounts that benefit from our influencer partnerships and our in-house experts in content marketing” 

In this series of blog posts we’ll share what it’s like to be a startup amid the pandemic, how we go about getting our clients the best return on investment and other agency musings. 

Fancy a chat? Email us: contact@socialinstinct.co.uk or to find out more, visit www.socialinstinct.co.uk

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