How to get started as a small business on Instagram

Social media is a mind field, and lots of people starting up an Instagram page for their business don’t know where to begin. That’s why I’ve put together some top tips for a successful Instagram feed for your business.

Create an Instagram business page

Although this may seem obvious, many businesses use Instagram for their business but do not actually have a business page. You can see what type of page your feed is by going to settings> account and scrolling to the bottom. There, the option to switch to a business page will be available if you haven’t already got one. Having a business page allows you then to add your website link in your bio, add a contact button where relevant and access useful insights about your page.

Analyse your insights

Your insights tell you a lot about your business. They insights tell you information about the people already following your page for example gender balance, age and location. This is massively useful as it helps you gain a better understanding of your target audience and the type of people interested in your service/ product. Your insights also give you an idea of when your audience are most active on the platform, which should influence your decisions on days and times to post.

Feed aesthetic

A great practise to get into is to plan ahead your posting and check the feed is aesthetically pleasing before posting. I recommend creating a ‘brand kit.’ This includes a colour scheme and chosen fonts, which can be incorporated into your feed. This gives it consistency and branding which is important for a business page.

Engage with following

Engaging with followers through likes and comments is just as important as posting regularly. It gives a sense of authenticity and allows you to build relationships and network efficiently within your niche. Set yourself a goal to like and comment on a certain number of posts per day if you struggle to find the time!

Hashtag strategy

Develop a good hashtag strategy. Use relevant hashtags within your niche with varying number of posts on that hashtag. You’re more likely to rank, particularly for small businesses, on hashtags with a lower number of posts. A top tip for ensuring you get a good variety of hashtags is to create a list of hashtags within different brackets, for example 10-20k posts, 20-50k posts and so on. This will then allow you to create hashtag sets with a hashtag from each bracket. Use around 5-10 hashtags per post, and vary which ones you’re using to avoid overworking  a particular one.

To conclude, Instagram for business is very different to Instagram for personal use. Use these 5 helpful tips and tricks to help grow your organic following and create a more professional look for your company.

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