Influencer Marketing for Local Businesses

Influencer marketing for smaller businesses is something that has been taking off recently, especially under recent restrictions where businesses have had to adapt quickly to show their offering online. In this blog we’ll discuss how influencer marketing for your small business doesn’t need to be overwhelming, and how local influencers can positively affect independents. When choosing which influencer to use, it is important you choose those that are going to resonate with your target customer. You should consider:
· Where they are based· Who their following are· What their following engage with· What your businesses goals are
It is proven that influencer marketing for small business can help achieve considerable growth quickly. According to Google trends, influencer marketing is now more popular than print marketing.

But why do we trust influencers with our business and why would they want to partner with us? Influencers are called such because they exert a significant influence on the decisions of their followers. Smaller influencers tend to post about a niche that they are passionate about, and gather a loyal audience that also have an interest in that niche e.g. make-up, food, fashion. Many influencers work in an affiliate partnership and earn commission on each item or service they sell for your business.
We got in touch with India, who is behind the ‘outinleeds’ food and drink Instagram account, and asked her some questions on how her influence has helped boost local businesses.
1.How did you first come to create your account ‘outinleeds’?
“I moved to Leeds from the south, while most of my friends moved to London. I started Out in Leeds because I really love the city and I felt no one really knew how much there was to do here, especially compared to London or other northern cities like Manchester. I’ve always said I want as many people to know that Leeds is just as good an option to live in”.

2.How did you first connect with restaurants/businesses in Leeds? Did they contact you or vice versa?
“When I started my account, I made sure to follow as many Leeds’ based food and drink businesses so I could see what was happening and where to go. I’ve always tried to engage with and support indie businesses through my account (through likes, comments, and sharing their posts) so for most businesses I’ve worked with, we were already connected and then as my followers started growing, I started getting more businesses contacting me to work with them”.

3.Since creating posts for these restaurants/businesses, have they seen an uptake as a result from your posts?
“Yep! I get a lot of people message me saying they’ve tried places I have recommended, and businesses telling me they’ve received loads of orders or bookings. Most of my followers are from Leeds or other towns in West Yorkshire, which I think is important for local businesses. It’s one thing for people to like and comment saying “wow this looks great”, it’s another for them to feasibly be able to order or try the food I recommend. I have kept my account quite niche for this reason – I only tend to post food I have bought, not food I have made”.

4.Do these restaurants/businesses tend to return and ask for more posts?
“I do get quite a few businesses coming back and asking to work with me again, I actually turn down a lot of offers for second collabs (where I get to try their food for free) as I am really conscious of the fact a lot of businesses are struggling right now so if I know their food is good already, I am happy to share their content (e.g. if there’s an offer running or a new menu launched) anyway”.

Thank you India for taking the time to chat with us about your ‘outinleeds’ account!
It is often an effective marketing strategy to use local, small influencers to promote your business as their following listen to their recommendation and this in turn will increase your businesses return. For information on how to work with influencers, Social Instinct is running a free webinar on the 9th March 2021 at 11am GMT. To sign up, visit:

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