Instagram reels added into its marketing API

Have you heard? Instagram have added reels into Instagram’s marketing API, which will essentially enable approved third-party platforms to facilitate Reels ads creation within their digital ads flow.

As explained by Facebook:

“We now allow for Reels Ads placements on Instagram via the Instagram Marketing API. This will be available on all current Marketing API versions, and does not require an upgrade.”

Since the rise of TikTok, reels have been organically pushed by Instagram in order to compete with it. So imagine the power of a reel in an advert? Video content is 1200% more successful than other content, and viewers absorb 95% of the message while watching the video. One problem with video content on social media is that it can be overlooked when the length of the video is too long. According to studies, audience engagement decreases quite rapidly within the first 20 seconds of a video. Reels are short, engaging videos that can last up to 30 seconds which is yet another benefit of utilising them. Make sure to grab your readers attention straight away!

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri says that Reels are now the fastest growing surface in the app, which presents major potential for reach and growth. Given this, you can bet that a number of brands will be utilising this new marketing opportunity- and you should too!

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