twill active

the client

Twill Active is an eco-conscious sustainable activewear, yoga clothing and lifestyle brand. Their female lead collections encompass work and travel-friendly silhouettes made from breathable, sweat friendly and

recycled materials.

the brief

Twill approached us looking to build their social presence online, establishing their brand to support their launch on ASOS. As a start-up, they looked at our expertise to develop content, PPC and Social Media Management, through a 3 month launch campaign; giving us the freedom to hit the ground running and stand out within a heavily populated leisure/activewear world.

the strategy

Using our knowledge of the fashion industry and the target market, we provided a consultation around the Twill Active branding to give it a cleaner, neutral edge to support the brands overall ethos – to be eco conscious yet adaptable, able to transform from activewear to day-to-day leisure wear – positioning the brand within the market.

Once we created an in-depth strategy plan, we began running their social accounts, creating bespoke content to really excel the brands awareness and demand generation through Instagram and Facebook.



Our ads specialist created tailored ads to suit the exact emographic, pushing the following increasing their following from 52 followers to 2,955 followers with a very limited ad spend budget. We created monthly ad reports, giving an in-depth analysis of areas which excelled and presenting where their ad spend budget was going.

Although Twill’s primary focus was gaining a social media presence, we also began directing traffic to their website in order to collect data for use in future retargeting advertisements. These traffic ads gained over 8K clicks in under 2 months with a very small amount of budget. With extended testing and higher budget, we believe much more would’ve been generated.

We went above and beyond our contract with Twill in order to help them gain the best results possible. During the time of running traffic ads, we noticed that they were getting clicks to their site, but people were leaving their site quickly. We therefore, as a team, came up with suggestions for improvement, backed up with data from Google analytics.


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